IFBA’s Statement on the Adoption of the Political Declaration of the High-level Meeting on NCDs

On Monday, 19 September 2011, world leaders unanimously adopted the Political Declaration of the High-level Meeting on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases, agreeing that an effective response to the global burden and threat of non-communicable diseases required “a whole-of- society effort” and the engagement and efforts of all stakeholders. We are pleased the Political Declaration recognized the contribution the private sector can make. We believe the food and non- alcoholic beverage industry has an important role to play in these efforts and have committed time, resources and expertise to do our part. We have, and continue to, reformulate and develop new products with less fat, sugar or salt. We provide fact-based nutrition information to consumers and restrict how and what we advertise to children. We promote healthier lifestyles and increased physical activity in communities, in schools and in workplace wellness programs. The Political Declaration also highlights the need for evidence-based, cost-effective, multisectoral actions. Since its inception, the United Nations has worked with the private sector, and we look forward to engaging further in collaborative efforts at the global, regional, national and community level to help improve public health. Addressing the High-level Meeting as a representative of the private sector, Donna J. Hrinak, Co-Chair of the International Food & Beverage Alliance said, “As Member States turn to implementing the Political Declaration and mobilizing [their] societies on the ground, we hope [they] will look to the private sector as a willing and effective partner”.