Reducing sodium

Reducing sodium is complex and challenging, both technically and in terms of consumer acceptance. For many years, IFBA members have been using their R&D talents and consumer insights to reformulate their products to provide a broad range of foods containing no- or low-sodium or no salt and to raise awareness and create a demand for lower-sodium products.

IFBA members have achieved large reductions in salt over time by implementing slow and gradual reductions to helpn consumers adjust their taste preference and prevent them from adding salt back in at the table. Salt reductions have been achieved through recipe reformulations, the introduction of salt replacers, such as lower-sodium sea salt and salt enhancements such as aromas, herbs and spices. In 2021, IFBA members collectively developed a global sodium reduction commitment with standardized, stepwise voluntary targets for key categories of products to be achieved incrementally by 2025 and 2030

We will continue reducing sodium in our products, wherever possible, with due regard to the WHO’s recommendation for daily salt intake.

Our member’s commitments

The following chart illustrates IFBA members’ commitments and achievements to reduce sodium in their product portfolios.

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