Collaborating, educating and innovating to help consumers achieve balanced diets and active healthy lifestyles

Who We Are

Formed in 2008 when CEOs of major food and non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers voluntarily committed to support WHO’s 2004 Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health.  Read IFBA's Letter to Dr. Chan.

In 2014, we renewed our worldwide commitments on health and wellness.
Read IFBA's September 2014 letter to Dr. Chan


What We Do

Our commitments are global and apply everywhere we operate. We report publicly and annually on our progress. Our report, Five Commitments in Five Years, provides an overview of the progress IFBA and its members have made in the five years since IFBA was formed in 2008.
Read The 2008-2013 Progress Report.  Highlights of our Progress, 2008-2013 is available in the six WHO official languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish.


Our Member Companies