We innovate, empower and collaborate to help consumers eat balanced diets and live healthier lives

COVID-19: Members of the International Food & Beverage Alliance Respond to the Pandemic

IFBA members have taken actions to protect public health and the wellbeing of their employees, and to ensure that communities hit hardest have the resources they need.

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Who We Are

Since 2008, the International Food & Beverage Alliance (IFBA) has convened leading global food and non-alcoholic beverage companies to empower consumers to eat balanced diets and live healthier lives.

What We Do

Our members understand that good health is good business. That’s why we work toward improving the health and wellness of consumers and communities. Together we:

• Innovate to create new & improved products and smaller portions,
• Empower consumers to make informed choices,
• Collaborate with all stakeholders to find bold, smart, diverse solutions to global health challenges, and
• Inspire others in our industry to step-up, take action, and proactively report progress.

How we do it: Our commitments

We act on four core commitments that are designed to support the World Health Organization’s 2004 Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health and the 2011 UN Declaration on the Prevention and Control of NCDs, among others:

Our commitments

New and improved products + smaller portions

We empower consumers to eat balanced diets with improved and new products—and small and reduced portions.

Our commitments

Clear and comprehensive nutrition information

We enhance product labels and online and point-of-sale communications so consumers can make informed choices.

Our commitments

Responsible marketing

We do not advertise to children under 12, and members that do—only promote better-for-you products.

Our commitments

Promotion of healthy lifestyles

We support and create employee and community programs that promote healthy lifestyles and balanced diets.

Good health is good business.

We are on a journey. We’ve come a long way, but we know there’s more work to do. And we will go further.

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