IFBA Statement on Guiding Principles

Statement by the International Food and Beverage Alliance (IFBA) on the adoption of Guiding Principles for Multistakeholder Engagement.

Since its creation in 2008, the work of the International Food & Beverage Alliance has been grounded in the fundamental principle that finding solutions to the world’s highly complex health and well-being issues requires a whole-of-society effort and multistakeholder collaboration. 

IFBA is built around a series of commitments to formulate and create products with improved nutrition and small and reduced portions; to market products responsibly; to provide clear nutrition information to consumers, and to invest in programs for employees and communities that promote healthier lifestyles. 

In many instances, initiatives designed to implement these commitments have translated into partnerships with governments, civil society, academia and other business organizations at a local, regional and global level. These initiatives were always driven by a common belief: that good partnerships can deliver positive change. 

Over the years, a set of common principles have emerged as a key feature of any well-built partnership. In May, 2019, inspired by the best practices of others and built on our learnings from the many successful collaborations our members have engaged in over the years, IFBA adopted a series of principles to guide our work with third parties. 

As a past, present or, perhaps, future partner of IFBA and its mission, and as a key player in the common fight against non-communicable diseases, we share these with you today as an example of our ongoing commitment to improving global health through partnerships.

We look forward to discussing these principles with you and your organisation in the coming months. Do not hesitate to reach out by email in the meantime. 

Warmest regards, 

Rocco Renaldi
Secretary General