Empowering consumers to achieve balanced diets and healthy lifestyles

Guiding Principles

Achieving global health requires a whole-of-society approach and the engagement of all stakeholders. As companies, we understand the responsibility we have and are committed to do our part.

A multistakeholder approach

Work with the World Health Organization, governments and civil society in the implementation of our commitments

Transparency & accountability

Publish progress reports

Leading by example

Encourage others in the
food and beverage industry to
adopt the commitments

Our Commitments

Our commitments

New and improved products + smaller portions

We empower consumers to eat balanced diets with improved and new products—and small and reduced portions.

Our commitments

Clear and comprehensive nutrition information

We enhance product labels and online and point-of-sale communications so consumers can make informed choices.

Our commitments

Responsible marketing

We do not advertise to children under 12, and members that do—only promote better-for-you products.

Our commitments

Promotion of healthy lifestyles

We support and create employee and community programs that promote healthy lifestyles and balanced diets.

Our Collaborations

Our efforts are based on the guiding principle of collaboration and multistakeholder partnerships