Our story

IFBA was founded in 2008 by the CEOs of leading food and non-alcoholic beverage companies to empower consumers to eat balanced diets and live healthier lives, in support of the World Health Organization’s efforts to improve global public health.

We’ve expanded our actions over the years through a series of core commitments designed to support the World Health Organization’s 2004 Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health and the 2011 UN Declaration on the Prevention and Control of NCDs, among others.

We proactively report our progress to the public annually, and collaborate with all involved to find bold, smart, diverse solutions to address global health challenges. We are on a journey. We’ve made great progress, but we know there’s more to do. And we will go further.

Our mission

Our members are committed to innovating to create new & improved products and smaller portions, empowering consumers to make informed choices, collaborating with all stakeholders to find bold, smart, diverse solutions to global health challenges, and inspiring others in our industry to step-up, take action, and proactively report progress.

Our members

IFBA member companies represent the global leaders of the food and non-alcoholic beverage industry. We employ more than 3 million people worldwide and had combined annual revenues in 2016 of over USD 410 billion.