The International Food & Beverage Alliance is a non-commercial, non-profit-making organization whose purpose is to help consumers around the world achieve balanced diets and healthy, lifestyles in accordance with key areas identified in the WHO’s 2004 Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health on: product innovation, improved access to nutrition information, responsible marketing practices and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. IFBA’s work is carried out by the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.

The Secretary-General

Rocco Renaldi serves as Secretary-General of IFBA and can be reached at:
c/o Landmark Public Affairs
Rue du Collège 27, 1050 Brussels
TEL: +32 2 808 0644

The Executive Committee

Among its responsibilities, the Executive Committee implements policy decisions following the broad directives defined by the General Assembly and ensures the administration and operation of the Alliance. It is co-chaired by two members of IFBA, elected by the General Assembly and belonging to two different geographic regions.


Philip Myers, Senior Vice-President, Global Government Affairs, PepsiCo Inc.
Facundo Etchebehere, Global Public Affairs Director, Danone

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme power of the organization and meets at least once a year. The General Assembly has the responsibilities of: electing the members of the Executive Committee and the Co-Chairs; approving the annual budget and the appointment of an auditor for the organization’s accounts; establishing the main policy directives of the Executive Committee; and modifying the statutes of IFBA or approving the dissolution or merger of the Alliance.

Registered Office

International Food & Beverage Alliance
Chemin Frank-Thomas 34
1208 Genève