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Responsible marketing

We do not advertise to children under 12, and members that do—only promote better-for-you products.

IFBA members have voluntarily adopted a strategy designed to change how and what they advertise to children under 12 years of age around the world, which has proven effective in helping to drive change in the marketplace and in improving the nutrition of foods marketed to children. This strategy is based on three actions:

  • Implement IFBA’s Global Policy on Marketing Communications to Children, which is in line with the aims of WHO’s 2010 Set of Recommendations on Marketing to Children, and designed to reduce the impact on children of the marketing of foods high in fats, sugar and salt and increase their exposure to foods and beverages compatible with a balanced diet and healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Encourage other industry players to implement regional and national policies to restrict advertising and marketing to children based on the core tenets of IFBA’s Global Policy.
  • Monitor and evaluate compliance and impact. 

"A great deal of political attention at international, regional and national levels has been focused on the question of marketing and advertising foods and beverages to children. The food and beverage industry...is making significant progress in both expanding and strengthening advertising self-regulatory processes globally...we recognize that, where it is not already the case, we should apply our individual marketing and advertising commitments on a global basis." — IFBA letter to WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan 13 May, 2008

Our global commitment on marketing to children

IFBA’s Global Policy is in line with the aims of the 2010 WHO Set of Recommendations on the Marketing of Foods and Non-alcoholic Beverages to Children, and provides minimum criteria for advertising and marketing communications directed to children under 12 years that are paid for, or controlled by, IFBA companies in every country where they market their products.

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The IFBA Global Policy on Marketing Communications to Children is the basis for
determining individual company marketing policies. Read IFBA members' marketing to children policies: