Our commitments

Clear and comprehensive nutrition information

We enhance product labels and online and point-of-sale communications so consumers can make informed choices.

Providing transparent and fact-based nutrition information to help consumers make informed choices is a key element of the food and beverage industry's commitment to WHO's 2004 Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health. We provide consumers with practical health and nutrition information using a variety of tools and media, including on-pack labelling, point-of-sale materials, company websites, social media apps, help lines, brochures and newsletters. We support nutrition literacy and education initiatives around the world to promote healthy eating awareness and behaviours conducive to a healthy, active lifestyle.

"The provision of nutrition information to consumers forms the cornerstone of any policy framework to address poor dietary intakes. At a global level — or where there are no legislative requirements already in place — we will ensure that, as a minimum, our products provide nutrition information on-pack per portion for the key nutrients of public health concern. Where execution on-pack may not be possible (due to limited space or type of packaging) we will ensure that this information is provided to consumers in other forms (e.g., websites, in-store leaflets, consumer care lines, etc)." — IFBA letter to WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan 13 May, 2008

Our Principles for a global approach to fact-based nutrition labeling

These principles provide that nutrition information provided to consumers should be objective, fact- and science-based; presented in a legible, clear and visible format; and understandable to consumers to enable them to make informed dietary decisions about the foods and beverages they choose. Nutrition information will be provided on the key nutrients of public health interest.

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