The International Food & Beverage Alliance is a group of food and non-alcoholic beverage companies who share a common goal of helping consumers in all nations to achieve balanced diets and healthy, active lifestyles.

In 2008, IFBA was formed when CEOs from the world’s leading food and non-alcoholic beverage companies committed to work together in support of the World Health Organization’s 2004 WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health.

Since that time, IFBA has been leading our industry on strategies recognized by the WHO, governments and civil society as crucial to helping improve global health. We committed to:

  1. Continuous product improvement and innovation to create products that increasingly make available food choices that help people eat healthy, balanced diets.
  2. Extend responsible advertising and marketing initiatives to children globally;
  3. Promote healthy lifestyles and increased physical activity in communities around the world and in the workplace.

A commitment to transparency and accountability underpins our actions.  We report publicly on our progress.


Our Commitments Infographic
Click here to read the 2014 Progress Report

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